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Cowboy Blues - Artisan Granola Blend - 12 ounce resealable bag

Cowboy Blues - Artisan Granola Blend - 12 ounce resealable bag

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Cowboy Blues’

‘Blues’ are symbolized in so many ways for a cowboy if you think about it. From the jeans worn, a song on the trail, a northerner blustering in, the birds in the trees, the catfish swimming by, the flames on the campfire, the great big sky, the old roan horse ridden, and the blanketed fields of bluebonnets.

Loyal, steady, unfading, the cowboy is ‘True-Blue’! 

This nutritious blend is packed full of blueberry goodness, giving you the feeling of a campfire made blueberry cobbler straight off the chuckwagon. 


Oats, brown sugar, pure maple syrup, cocoa, coffee, raw honey, dried blueberries, toasted almonds, pecans, pretzels, coconut squares, chocolate covered blueberries, white chocolate, organic blueberry extract, nonpareils, hemp hearts, chia seeds, ground flax, coconut oil, vanilla, organic blue spirulina, sea salt, and love.
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